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loud noise
Submitted by:  skiplsu7 Date: Saturday, July 9th, 2005

When we were in junior high 4 of us boys spent the night and were eating sugar cubes. We all got a rush and wanted prank the kids house next door. I suggested toothpaste on the doorknob. We went out and poured cheap purfume all over their car and one guy squezed a whole tube of toothpaste on the door. I had invisioned just a tad and thought this was too much (it was the apartment next door so if it was too obvious who would they think did it? Duh!) So we were fighting over it because I wanted to get it off. Anyway the kids dad heard us and turned on the light. Before we could all get in the apartment he came out and started yelling and cursing when his hand hit the goo. The two kids stuck outside were yelling to try to make him think it wasnt us next door. The yelling woke up our friends parents and both kids who live there were the ones outside so it was obvious and the parents started talldnt hking. The guy ended up calling the police and we got a stern talking too. A few days later word got around to my parents and we all ended up getting grounded and couang out for several weeks.

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JustinEchols dude u coppied the same exact words from some one elses prank

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