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Prankified.com Help Files
If you do not find your answer in this file, please email support@prankified.com for assistance.

Pranking Groups
How to join: To join a prankified pranking group fill in the application at http://www.prankified.com/groups/join.php for the specific group you would like to join. Once the application is turned in, the group leader has to approve your acceptance into the group. After you are accepted, your points will start contributing to the groups overall points.
How to start your own: To start your own prankified pranking group you will need to fill out the application at http://www.prankified.com/groups/groupapp.php. Once you have sent in the application, you will get notified by Prankified on your acceptence.
Prankified Groups: All new groups at Prankified will receive a personalized group forum. Leaders will also have access to the group leader admin, to add, remove and promote members, along will access to the group leader forum. Each group will receive an information page to post about, group purpose, member requirements and list their members.
Group Leader Admin
The group leader admin is set up to complete four tasks.
Add Members: To add new members the following steps must be taken:
  1. 1. Member must request admittance to the group by filling in the group application for the group they wish to join on the group join page.
  2. 2. Group leader must accept the new member by using the Add Members function in the group leader admin.
To accept a new member, enter a group status (ie: Leader, Member, etc.) and use the "Add as Member" button to confirm.
To deny a new member, use the "Deny this Member" button and then confirm by clicking the "Yes".
Promote Member: Since each group has it's own statuses, leaders can change the status of a member by entering the desired new status in the "New Status" box and hitting the "Update Status" button.
View All Members: Use this function to view all the members in your organization.
Remove Members: To remove a member from your group, click the "Remove Member" button and then confirm by clicking "Yes".
Update Group Info: This function is used to update the Purpose of Group, Member Requirements, and Other information found on the group info page. Just edit the text in each field and click the "Update Info" button to save.
Lost Password
Please email support@prankified.com with your username and your password will be sent to the email address on the account.
Profile Enabled
This feature allows members to enable or disable their profile for other visitors to view. This includes first name, last name, gender and age. Email addresses will not be shown at any time in profiles. The website and about you fields will always be shown in profiles. It can be toggled on or off in your profile after logging into the site.

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